HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed

Sit in on chats with leaders & disruptors in the HVAC Industry, and give your HVAC business a seriously-sharp edge against your competition.

Do you ever get bored driving between service appointments? Want to give your business a seriously-sharp edge against your competitors? We have got the solution for you. Sit down, pour up, and buckle-up for what will undoubtedly be a fun ride with HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed.

HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed is a podcast where we interview leaders and disruptors in the industry, people who have achieved success, giving your direct access to their strategies to get where they are. Get to know your craft on a deeper level, and expand the potential for your business.

Get Actionable Ideas & Make Weekly Improvements

From financing to branding to sales, we’ve got loads of content that is meant to help you make smart decisions to grow your HVAC business. Drop the burden of spending hours trying to find solutions online and tune into your new favorite HVAC podcast!

Stay Up-To-Date on the Industry

Each of our interviewees have something unique to offer you and your business. Our goal here is to educate and empower our listeners with valuable assets to help drive their business results and maximize their potential.

Learn While Multitasking

Listen, we know you’re busy. Between service appointments, closing all the deals you get from your HVAC Unleashed marketing, and managing your team, learning is often put on the back burner. Listening to HVAC Revealed is easy. Just grab your device, press play, and learn how to unleash your business.

Free & Valuable Information

This is your opportunity to ask some of the biggest names in the industry how they got where they are! It’s similar to attending a conference or seminar, but without all the travel and ticket fees. That’s a great deal, if you ask us.


About The Hosts

Evan Hoffman - On Purpose Media

Evan Hoffman

Evan got his start in the HVAC industry in 2014, handling sales. After realizing that the company he worked for had a marketing problem, rather than a sales problem, he switched to marketing and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he’s helping HVAC companies across North America reach new heights with their businesses.

Thaddeus Tondu - On Purpose Media

Thaddeus Tondu

Thaddeus is the co-founder of On Purpose Media. With nearly 10 years of experience in marketing, he’s shifted from print media and has been working to help his clients maximize their annual revenue, capture more deals, and improve their business’ online presence using targeted marketing strategies.

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Thaddeus Tondu

Co-Founder – Social Media Manager

A born and raised Albertan with roots that go back to a small rural town, Thaddeus has seen it all. Having ran a business during University, worked for small, medium, and large companies, and then back to working for himself, he understands your pain points as a business. His dedication to doing what’s right, not what’s easy, has given him proven success in all his endeavours, including yours.


Co-Founder – Website/SEO Manager

“If you help enough people get what they want you will have everything you want” – Zig Zigler. This quote has been a driving purpose for Evan since getting into business for himself while attending the University of Alberta. What you need to know about Evan is he is a competitor. This is exactly what you want in someone running your SEO and PPC campaigns, as he’s going to do whatever is necessary to win you that top placement.