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Take the stress out of managing your social media accounts; improve your brand and online authority, and gain quality leads with On Purpose Media social media management. According to Facebook, over 90 million small businesses use Facebook to engage with their communities, and ⅔ of all 2 BILLION Facebook users visit small business websites at least once a week. It’s not just Facebook either; 77.6% of small businesses report using social media to grow their businesses and provide jobs in their communities.

Today, people are turning more and more to social media to influence their buying decisions. For them, it’s a great way to find products and services they need and to find what other people are saying about the quality of the services that they’re interested in. You can be a part of this experience for them! You can directly influence and craft the way potential customers find information about you by smartly using these powerful social platforms. For HVAC companies, Facebook is the most beneficial social media platform to post on, so our marketing efforts go directly to using Facebook Ad Manager and Facebook Business Manager.


Why should I use HVAC Social Media Marketing?

Posting consistently and making sure you use hashtags and paying for ads and replying to comments, it can all seem really overwhelming and it’s easy to feel burnt out, especially when you’re running a whole HVAC company! However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. Here are a few reasons why you should be using social media platforms to grow your business.

Appeal to Search Engines

Search engine optimization, or SEO for HVAC companies, is an incredibly powerful tool to generate organic traffic and leads to your website and really get seen by your dream clients. Consistent social media engagement appeals to the algorithm these search engines use to help make sure folks are finding what they’re searching for when they look up things like “local heating and cooling companies.”

Gain Insight into your Market

Every social media platform, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever, gives you the option to track the demographics of the people who are engaging in your HVAC posts & paid advertisements. You can learn more about who they are, allowing you to improve your social media marketing strategies and even improve your overall business!

Get Calls from Qualified Leads

Using all those great insights, you can make sure you’re targeting people who will actually buy your HVAC services. We don’t use old, spray-and-pray techniques that always seem to cost so much, but never actually attract new customers. Our digital marketing uses data to attract qualified leads, paying customers, so you can build your customer base online and offline.

Improve Brand Awareness

This seems like a very vague term; it’s essentially how potential customers are perceiving your HVAC business. If you want to tell them that you are dependable and trustworthy, and make sure they know you’re available for 24/7 emergency services, then we can do that with social media! Our content writers work hard to make sure we are accurately portraying your vision and values to your audience.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can link your HVAC site in advertisements, to your page, and in posts. This way, when people find your page and decide they want to work with you (which they will with On Purpose Media!), they’ll have somewhere to go to book a service appointment with you.

Build a Community of Loyal Customers

Social media marketing does more than just show people that you’re available to help solve their heating and cooling needs. It also provides a platform for people to talk about how much they love your services and recommend your HVAC company to their friends! It is a social platform, after all!

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How can I be successful as an HVAC company on Social Media?

Results-Driven, Cost-Effective Advertisements

Nobody wants to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on ad spend and get nothing in return. Ever put out an ad only to find that you paid $300 per click? That’s disappointing, right? Let our team of content writers and expert strategists ensure that you never spend hundreds on an ad that doesn’t make you any money ever again.

Consistent Engagement & On-Brand Advertisements

With social media, you need to be showing up with quality content at least a few times a week, or you’ll get left behind, forgotten in the minds of those people who need your HVAC services! We understand that most business owners don’t have time for this; that’s why we do it for you. If we’re writing a blog for you, this is also a great place to promote your blog and drive people to visit your website.

Advertising at the Right Time

At the Right Place, to the Right People. We use proven social media marketing techniques to find your target audience. But, it goes further than that! We’ll use data to find when we need to post ads to make sure you’re being seen, and make sure we’re targeting the right areas in your local community that need HVAC services. We are take an anti-"one-size-fits-all” to HVAC social media marketing. We’ll tailor all of your marketing to this target audience.

Remarketing to New & Old Customers

Do you have any leads who you know will benefit from your services, that you’ve been trying to sell, but you just can’t seem to get them to book an appointment? Use HVAC social media marketing to actually close those deals! Some people just need to see an ad multiple times in a very non-spammy way! To convince them that you’re the right HVAC company for them!

Making Your Social Media HVAC Marketing Personal

One of the biggest concerns, next to ROI, that our partners have when they start advertising on social media is whether their ads will show people what their company is really about, accurately expressing their vision and values. We totally understand why you’d be worried about that! For one, not a lot of people are happy to have to be calling an HVAC company to replace their air conditioning unit or their ductwork because it can get pricey, very quickly. Secondly, a lot of people don’t like advertisement posts interrupting their timeline or their feed! 

We’re very careful to ensure that your posts are engaging, showing people how much they can truly benefit from your heating and cooling services. Just like you, we want people to understand that investing in HVAC services helps them stay comfortable, saves them money on their bills, and improves their overall quality of life. We’re in the business of selling benefits, not boring people with features that they might not even understand. If you’re marketing to HVAC contractors, we can help there, too! As people who have been in the HVAC industry for nearly a decade, we know what it’s like to be balancing six things at once, scheduling appointments, following up on sales, and managing employees. Your potential customers will see the value in your services and how you’ll save them time and money. This way, we can guarantee that you’re converting more and more leads to paying customers and making an impact in your industry.


Why build your social media presence with On Purpose Media?

There are so many HVAC social media marketing agencies out there, all trying to help you grow your business. But how do you know who you can trust with your marketing, and who you need to keep a nice, socially distanced mile away from? Let’s just talk about how On Purpose Media approaches social media marketing for HVAC companies, which we consider best practices.

Honesty & Integrity

As people who have come from the HVAC industry, we know how it is. We understand how difficult the sales process can be, and how much time it takes away actually running your business. We also understand how beneficial great marketing can be; that’s why we started On Purpose Media! Our deep respect for the HVAC industry strengthens our commitment to being honest, communicating clearly and consistently, and delivering your ads on time.

Technology Driven

As people who also come from the marketing world, we have years of combined experience using social media marketing technology. Skip wasting time looking under every rock of the internet to figure out how to use Facebook Ad Manager; leave it to the professionals who can ensure you’re getting that return on your investment.

Transparency & Trackable Results

Any time you invest in advertising for your HVAC business, you should know how well it’s doing! With On Purpose Media, we’re intentional about being transparent with how your advertisements are performing, and what we’re doing to improve your ad campaign or campaigns.

Anti-” One-Size-Fits-All” Approach

There is no singular social media advertisement that will work for every single HVAC company out there; there’s not even a set of them! We’ll get to know you, your business, how you run your business, what’s important to you, and what services make you the most money, and we’ll advertise based on that information.

HVAC Digital Marketing Agency - On Purpose Media

Track Your Ad Results with Weekly Scorecards

Ever worked with an HVAC social media marketing company that doesn’t report how your advertisements are doing? Ever felt like the social media advertisements are doing absolutely nothing for you, and you have no idea why? That is miles and miles away from the way On Purpose Media approaches working with our partners; we just don’t operate that way.

Every week an advertisement is live, we’ll deliver you a weekly Facebook Advertisement Scorecard that lets you know how your social media marketing is doing. This easy-to-understand scorecard will show you what’s working, how well it’s working, what is not working, and everything that we are doing to improve.

We are always improving our strategies for you! We’re never satisfied until we know you’re reaching your HVAC marketing goals. When performance is monitored, progress grows!

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