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HVAC Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Get results fast with targeted, strategy-based PPC ads; get seen on Google, accelerate lead generation, and maximize your conversion rates. HVAC Pay-Per-Click ads are a great HVAC marketing strategy for business owners looking to get seen in search engines fast. If you’re looking for a quick boost for your business, to gain visibility, and position yourself in front of high-ticket clients, PPC ads may be for you! Have you invested thousands in HVAC pay-per-click advertising before, but only to find you’re not achieving the return on investment you wanted? Tired of spending hours on the internet, looking for tips on how to make HVAC PPC ads work for you? It’s time to let the professionals take the wheel.

Our years of experience in the HVAC industry and marketing have positioned us to become your go-to for pay-per-click advertising. Whether you want to be super hands-on or let us take care of everything, every step of the way. Whether you’re a small business serving one community, or a multiple locations corporation serving communities across North America, our team of experienced and highly-trained HVAC PPC strategists at On Purpose Media is here to help you use PPC ads to take your business to the next level!


How does PPC Advertising Work?

HVAC PPC ads are essentially targeted, paid search ad campaigns where you pay for your company to appear when people search for certain things, like “air conditioning repair,” or “HVAC companies near me”. You’re paying only when someone clicks on your link. This allows you to appear in the top 3-5 results when people search for that specific keyword. It’s important to note that the more popular the keyword, the more it will cost so we always choose keywords that really give you that bang for your buck that we’re sure you’re looking for. 

You cannot simply just pay more to reach more people; a great paid search strategy requires in-depth research, continual tracking, and targeting based on demographics and physical locations to appeal to the search engine. That’s where we come in! It’s also important to have a great landing page or SEO-friendly website so they have a place to go when they decide they want to pay for your services. 

A lot of people think that Google Ads is the only way to use PPC Advertising, but social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn all offer pay-per-click advertising. So depending on your ideal HVAC client, you’d use different ads in different places. If you want more installations, you’d go with Facebook Ads. If you want more maintenance calls, you’d go with Google Ads.

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Why HVAC PPC Advertising is Right For You

PPC advertising is a very popular (and effective!) means of search engine marketing and securing high-ticket clients in the HVAC industry. That’s because a few converted leads can easily pay for the investment, and beyond. But what are some of the other benefits of using pay-per-click advertising for your HVAC business?

Attract Your Ideal Client & Boost Conversion Rates. With pay-per-click advertising through On Purpose Media, our expert team of writers and strategists use a series of researching and marketing tactics to pinpoint your dream clients. This way, we’re advertising to people who are already looking for your service. This means anyone who sees the ad is looking for the solutions your HVAC company, or HVAC companies provide!

Get Results, Quickly & Efficiently. A targeted SEO strategy may take up to 6 months to perform and bring in leads for you. As soon as we click that “publish” button with a PPC campaign, your company becomes visible to that targeted list of clients. Along with carefully crafted content, you’ll find that the leads you get are ready to book you for a service appointment or design appointment as soon as you pick up the phone! That's a great conversion rate.


Attract High-Ticket Clients for a High ROI

There are a few ways that to use PPC advertisements for HVAC companies, but we find that PPC ads are best used in targeted ways. If any of these speak to you, then PPC advertising could definitely be for you! It all depends on what you want to promote in your business.

Offers & Maintenance Contracts

We know that maintenance contracts are a great way to build your HVAC business, so using pay-per-click ads to maximize your contract’s visibility above your competitors is an awesome strategy we like to include in your marketing strategy.

High-Ticket Installations

Replacement, or New Construction HVAC Design. When you close a deal for these high-ticket items or services, you can easily receive a return on your investment in targeted & strategic PPC advertising.

Seasonal Offers

Want to let your clients know it’s time to have their furnaces looked at to prepare for the winter? Ready to close deals on air conditioning service appointments this spring? Let’s promote your services and any offers you may have to prepare your community for the summer or winter!

Hard-to-Find Products & Services

This is the ultimate way to really narrow down and find those dream clients. This is especially true for those of you who offer special HVAC design services like Manual Js or permit drawings to contractors. They’re a bit more difficult to find so PPC ads will ensure those services are found!


Combined, they are the perfect way to build the Ultimate HVAC business. However, they are different in a few ways. If you have to use one or the other, take the time to really look at your business, determine your long-term goals, and choose based on that information.

HVAC SEO strategies build organic traffic, with a flat monthly rate, over time (~6 months to get results). These results may last months, even years.

PPC strategies directly target traffic immediately, paying every time someone clicks, in addition to the flat rate, covering tracking and continuous adjustments outlined in your monthly Scorecards.

Build the Ultimate HVAC Business with HVAC Revealed

Our two-step onboarding process will help us determine what will work best for you and your budget, and what aligns best with your goals. The initial Discovery Call is like a first date; we talk and figure out if you’re a good fit for On Purpose Media. We are looking for partners, not clients! In alignment with our anti-”one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing, we’ll book a second call, presenting you with your unique-to-your-business (and budget!) marketing strategy. 

Call us, text us, beep up, DM us, email us… whatever! Let’s get started building your Ultimate HVAC business, today!

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