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We follow our 3H Model to ensure that we deliver the goods to you. Our team of professionals are ready to help you move your business forward with our no-pressure consultative approach.

Digital Marketing Agency - 3H Model -On Purpose Media
01. Hungry

Digital marketing is competitive, and we thrive on competition. Our founders both grew up playing competitive sports and achieved at a high level in direct sales organizations. At On Purpose Media we do what is necessary to deliver results to you.

02. Hustle

To us hustle is more than long hours; it’s about what you do with those hours that matters. We are efficient with your marketing dollars and ensure that the work is completed quickly and on time. Our Productivity is what enables us to bring you a marketing advantage.

03. Humble

Digital marketing and the online world are ever-changing. We are committed to evolving and adapting our systems to support you with the most current tactics and techniques.



Whether over the phone, video conference, or in-person, an expert on our team is ready to learn more about your business and how we can help you grow your sales.


Taking the information you provided, we'll present you with a comprehensive plan to grow your business. This is not a sales pitch, rather a detailed strategy of what needs to be done.


When you decide to work with us this is when we go to work and systematically take your business to the top.

Thaddeus Tondu

Co-Founder – Social Media Manager

A born and raised Albertan with roots that go back to a small rural town, Thaddeus has seen it all. Having ran a business during University, worked for small, medium, and large companies, and then back to working for himself, he understands your pain points as a business. His dedication to doing what’s right, not what’s easy, has given him proven success in all his endeavours, including yours.


Co-Founder – Website/SEO Manager

“If you help enough people get what they want you will have everything you want” – Zig Zigler. This quote has been a driving purpose for Evan since getting into business for himself while attending the University of Alberta. What you need to know about Evan is he is a competitor. This is exactly what you want in someone running your SEO and PPC campaigns, as he’s going to do whatever is necessary to win you that top placement.