Why Hiring The Right People Is Essential For Your Business

In the fiercely competitive HVAC world, hiring the right people can make all the difference in scaling your business and ensuring client satisfaction. That’s why, in our latest episode of HVAC Revealed, we sat down with Mario Lopez, the dynamic CEO of Atticman Heating & Air Conditioning, Insulation based in Sacramento, CA. With a rich tapestry of roles under his belt – from an adept HVAC technician and insulation professional to an astute business manager and sales leader – Mario has carved a niche in the construction industry. He shares his hiring journey’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs, offering invaluable insights for those looking to build a robust team.

Don’t just hire someone, put them in a truck, and say go!

When it comes time to expand your business, you have to find the right people to help support your vision and goals for your business. But hiring isn’t so black and white. Mario explained that you can read many resumes and conduct many interviews, but “you’re never going to figure it out in the interview” if the person will be a good fit. “They are putting on their best front, and [you can’t judge them as an employee at that moment.]

You can look for red flags as they answer your questions. One that Mario likes to use in his interviews is “Why do you want to do heating and air?” It is a simple question that can show a person’s true colors. 

If they say they’re in it just for the money, considering HVAC techs or CSRs can earn good cash, it might be a heads-up that they’re mainly chasing the dollar signs. This might lead to friction between other team members or even unethical behavior. 

A prospective employee might answer that same question, discussing their passion for helping people, constantly moving from one place to another, and figuring out the puzzle pieces of HVAC systems. These people can help you build your business as their values align with yours.

But don’t rely on these new team members too much. Mario warned, “Thinking new hires will build the business for you {is unrealistic], it’s usually the opposite”

Have Protocols and Structure In Place

You need to treat every new employee that you hire as if they are fresh and new and no nothing about the business. Even those with years of experience. They may know how to do an HVAC tune-up or sell products to homeowners, but they don’t know YOUR way of doing things. Setting up structures and protocols will help everyone be on the same page, it helps everyone align with your business’s core values.

Mario shared some of his hiring wisdom with us, saying, “I give it about 45 days to know if they are a good fit or not.” But he quickly added, “You can usually spot in just a couple weeks if they’re always gonna be the latecomer or if they’ll keep missing the big meetings.” 

Laying down the ground rules early on is super important. It tells everyone what’s cool and what’s not. Plus, having a set way of doing things means everyone’s on the same page. It paves the way for transparent communication, keeping the team aligned and engaged.

We are a culture of positive people who have goals. Not just for the business, but personally

When discussing their plans and goals, you can discover a lot about people during the interview process, but it’s important to engage with your employees even once hired. If someone mentioned “putting a down payment on a house in two years,” follow up with them. Take an interest in their personal goals, as well as their professional goals. 

“Everyone should have goals and plans,” Mario added. Open communication with employees, one-on-one or even in group meetings, can help drive your business forward. You’d be surprised how many employees have big ideas or suggestions on improving the process or how we can be better for our clients. But we must allow them to share those ideas, or they may take them elsewhere. 

Mario’s insights are a breath of fresh air, reminding us that behind every successful venture is a team that values consistency and positive work culture. His knack for understanding the human side of business is as crucial as his technical know-how. Want to dive deeper into Mario’s experiences and gather more golden nuggets of wisdom? Don’t miss out! Head over to our YouTube channel and catch the full episode for a comprehensive look at what it truly takes to excel in this industry.

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About Mario Lopez

Hailing from Sacramento, CA, Mario Lopez is the driving force behind Atticman Heating & Air Conditioning and Insulation. As the CEO, he embodies technical expertise and business acumen. From wearing the hat of an HVAC technician and insulation professional to leading sales and management, Mario’s extensive experience in the construction industry speaks volumes. His journey is inspiring: He stepped into the field at 16 and established Atticman in 2017. Today, he helms an 8-figure company that boasts 34 vans on the road, marking his undeniable mark in the industry.

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