E:64 - How To Expand Your Digital Marketing Expertise with Dennis Yu

When you think of someone who’s made a name for themselves in marketing, maybe without any experience or knowledge on how to do so at 15 years old – Dennis Yu might come to mind. He started his venture into the field when he sold an unfinished website built by hand – with no clue as to where everything went.

He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America with over a dozen patented inventions. His company has been featured in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times LA times National Public Radio TechCrunch Fox News CNN CBS Evening news Co-authored “Facebook nation” A textbook taught at 700 colleges.

Dennis Yu's 3 Tips For An HVAC Owner Working With a Marketing Agency

  1. Own Everything! You need to own your accounts for your domain, your social media profiles, your ad accounts on social media and google ads. If the agency insists on doing everything in their account ensure that you have the details of what happens should the relationship end.
  2. Have a single point of contact with the agency and ensure they have a single point of contact with your business. Is the account manager well trained? Do they care about the success of your business? Do they know the ins and outs of your business/industry? Do they
  3. Create your own content! Leverage your marketing partner to create ideas but nothing will loose trust more online then stock photo’s and bland content. Make sure you know what content to create and have a marketing partner that knows what to do with that content once it’s created.

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[3:27] Introduction of the inventor and creator of the Dollar-a-Day strategy

[5:07] Dennis Yu’s backstory and the start of his marketing journey

[21:06] A salesperson who’s a founder

[22:54] What red flags should a person look for in terms of marketing?

[29:37] What’s the one thing that strikes fear in the heart of agencies?

[33:03] A digital marketing agency needs to be clear on the work that is being done

[34:32] Getting transparent with SOPs

Random Question 

[35:50] How would you spend $1,000 to give the most happiness to the most number of people possible?

[38:56] Has Dennis Yu done cryotherapy?

[40:20] What is the Dollar-a-Day strategy?

[40:46] How often has Dennis Yu seen where somebody has a complex campaign?

[43:07] What is the best way for somebody to go about doing the strategy?

[46:25] The testing methodology

[47:24] Is Facebook still relevant today?

[50:32] Repurposing short videos for lead ads

[52:08] What are you doing to generate calls?

[54:44] Booms and busts in economies

[56:57] Leveraging your existing information in the structure and network that you have

[1:01:41] What is one question that you wish people would ask you more, but they don’t?

About the Guest

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics, and over his career has worked with some of today’s most iconic brands. These include Golden State Warriors (NBA Regular Season MVP), Nike Inc., maker for athletic shoes among other things-and Rosetta Stone developer who provides language education software to schools around the world.

Yu’s personal mission is to help people find jobs in the digital marketing industry and he turned his enthusiasm for it into a successful training program. He wants 1 million other workers who are looking forward to finding work with this type of company, so they can have more opportunities too.

Find Dennis :

On The Web: https://blitzmetrics.com/

On The Web: https://dennis-yu.com/

Via Email: dennis@blitzmetrics.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dennisyu & https://www.facebook.com/getfound

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennisyu/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dennisyu