Navigating the Chaos: Automation vs. Delegation

On this week’s episode of HVAC Revealed, we met with Paul Jackson, the mind behind Method CRM, a top-rated software designed to streamline business operations. Our conversation with Paul delved into a critical aspect of business growth—choosing between automation and delegation. Let’s dig into the key takeaways!

Unraveling the Complexity: The Plight of the Growing Entrepreneur

When a business scales from a handful of employees to a more robust team, the complexity of tasks and responsibilities doesn’t just linearly increase—it often multiplies exponentially. What was once a manageable workload for a solo entrepreneur or a small team becomes a swirling vortex of tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines. This isn’t merely a business growth spurt; it’s more like a metamorphosis requiring a whole new operating process.

The Entrepreneur That's Gone From Five to Ten Employees Has Found Themselves In A World Of Chaos Because They Are Doing A Lot Of These Things Themselves.

When you have a smaller team, decision-making is more streamlined. However, as the team grows, so does the need for more decisions—often daily or even hourly. From hiring choices to budget allocations and strategic planning, the entrepreneur must weigh in on various matters. It’s no surprise that decision fatigue becomes a real issue, affecting the quality of those choices over time.

Delegation Roadblocks: “I Don’t Know How”

A solution to this conundrum often suggested is delegation. However, as Paul notes, it’s not easy: “If someone says just delegate to me,” most entrepreneurs don’t know how.

The issue here isn’t just the lack of willingness to delegate but also the lack of practical understanding about how to do it effectively. It’s a skill that many business owners haven’t had the time or resources to master. The fear of losing control over quality or processes can paralyze entrepreneurs into taking on too much of themselves. The real challenge lies in developing a systematic approach to delegation that ensures tasks are completed to standard while freeing up the leader to focus on more strategic endeavors.

Get Your Steps Down

Paul suggests a straightforward solution: “Write down what all the procedures are in steps, then you can delegate them to someone else.” The idea is to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each task. Once these SOPs are in place, delegation becomes more manageable and less risky.

The Automation Equation: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Automation can be a game-changer for businesses in the HVAC industry and virtually any other sector. Paul advises, “Look for workflows. Find out which ones you want to automate.”

When it comes to automation, Paul provided some key insights into which tasks are prime candidates for this route. According to him, the tasks that are ideally suited for automation are:

  • Those that are highly repetitive
  • It doesn’t require much in the way of critical thinking.
  • Tasks that are critical, high-risk, or customer-facing.
  • You’re the bottleneck or the key person who has to approve or make decisions

Automating these tasks frees up precious time and energy that can be better spent on activities that require your unique expertise.

If It Doesn’t Need To Be You, Delegate It To Someone Else.

Striking a balance between automation and delegation can be tricky but essential for sustainable growth. Delegation allows you to focus on the business’s core aspects, while automation can handle the more mundane, repetitive tasks.

Taking the Helm of Your Business

Automation vs. delegation isn’t an either-or battle; it’s more of a strategic playbook. Knowing when to deploy each approach to maximize efficiency and productivity is key. The decision-making process becomes far more intuitive with valuable insights from Paul Jackson. Catch the full episode for more in-depth discussion on our YouTube channel, or tune in via your preferred podcast platform. This episode is packed with actionable advice that could be a game-changer for your business.

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